Do you need a website?


Everyone Needs A Website!

In today’s modern business and personal world there are quite a few reasons why people need websites.  There are also quite a different few types of websites as well.

  • Personal Web Blog – There are many reasons to start a personal web blog.  Bloggers share information with their peers.  A personal web blog usually contains articles, photos and video that relates to information the individual operating the blog is interested in.  The topics of personal web blogs can range through a wide variety of topics but also include: cooking, sports fan sites, poems, stories or even just to photo document outdoor excursions.
  • Professional Web Blog – A professional web blog is setup very different from a personal blog.  Professional web blogs typically contain information about a company including: location, general information, contact information and also details of the items or services the professional web blog is offering.
  • Professional Web Store – A professional web store differs from a web blog in several ways.   A web store’s primary design is to sell.  When designing and creating a web store it is very important to allow customers to quickly browse inventory and easily find their items of interest.  Some professional sellers like to operate both a web blog and a web store to fully promote their inventory.

How do I setup my website?

  • Register Your Domain Name – The very first thing you need to do before building your website is choosing a domain.  I recommend using your most important keywords in your domain name.  This allows you to easily capture your search engine traffic when others are searching for your site and increases your relevancy on the search engines.  Choosing a short and catchy domain is also a huge advantage if you want others to easily remember where your site is.  I also recommend using a ‘.com’ although with the wide array of alternative now available this is not absolutely necessary.
  1. NameBoy – Can help you generate a website name  [ad#nameboy]
  2. NameCheap –  Cheap Domain Registration  [ad#namecheap]
  • Choose A Hosting Provider –  Your next step in setting up your website is to choose a hosting provider.  There are quite a few and they all offer different packages and services options.
  1. HostGator   –  Very Inexpensive, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Space [ad#hostgator]
  2. GoDaddy   –  Good hosting provider, has quite a few options and offers domain registration  [ad#godaddy]
  3. Host Wink – Built In Site Builder
  4. Net-Trent –  Dependable hosting provider [ad#nettrend]
  5. Storm Web – Canadian Owned and Operated [ad#stormweb]
  6. Net Depot – Cloud Hosting [ad#netdepot]
  7. eboundhost – Unlimited Options, Reliable Hosting [ad#eboundhost]
  8. Glow Host – Free Clip-share Installation
  9. Intermedia – Windows Web Hosting Powerful & reliable ASP.NET Web Hosting Services From Intermedia
  10. Codero – 99.9% Guarantee Uptime
  11. Turnkey Internet – Quick and Easy Setup
  12. MyHosting – VPS Hosting affordable Windows VPS plans by
  13. Hosting 4 Less – 4 more reliability and less stress
  14. 100 MEGS Web Hosting – Lots Of Space
  15. Certified Hosting – Save on Unlimited Hosting
  16. Superb – Dedicated Servers
  17. – Save on Hosting! Business hosting from $4.98/m!
  18. Standing Cloud – Free Cloud Hosting WordPress FREE Hosting Offer
  • Install BackEnd Software – If you are interested in creating a dynamically integrated website that is aesthetically pleasing and offers flexible functionality then you will want to install some backend software on your website.  Backend software increases both the functionality and complexity of your website.  It allows you to dynamically insert posts and other data from a database into your site template.  This allows you to create quite a bit of content on your website and allow your users to easily find and display what is most relevant to them.
  1. WordPress – Very powerful blogging software
  2. Joomla – Flexible and diverse website software
  3. PrestaShop – Setup your online store quicky and easy
  4. Magento – Very powerful online shopping software
  • Keyword Optimize Your Site – Once you have your website setup and ready to go you then need to create both content and search engine keyword relevancy.  This is done in several ways.  First you should create a short general description for your site.  This description can be used on the main page but should also be included in your META description.   You also should create a long list of as many site relevant keywords you can think of.  These should also be included in your websites META keywords.  Finally you should edit your site title.  Your site title should be short and descriptive.  It is very important to use the most search relevant keywords in your site title as this will increase its search ranking.

Keyword Tool – Google Adwords

Why should I use

At we take the complexity out of setting up your web presence.  Although the steps to creating a new website sound simple they can be very frustrating and complicated for a beginner.  At we offer our customers a much easier alternative for creating a website.  Our expert team of computer gurus will help you every step of the way.

  • Initial Consultation – Expert advice combined with experience gives our Guru’s an edge when helping you with important decisions regarding your web presence.  We can map out a full web campaign for your business that targets your most important keyword search terms.  We can map out a development plan and design concepts and take the steps to create the web presence you or your company needs.  We have the ability to create custom website themes, plugins and even additional custom configuration for your website.
  • Hosting Plans – At we offer one very simple hosting plan.  $20 per month keeps your site online all the time!  However, if your currently using another hosting site you can still take advantage of our services.
  • WordPress Advantage – At we like to take advantage of WordPress.  WordPress is a wonderful blogging platform however it can be difficult to setup and configure.  Lucky for you our Guru’s are experts!  We can quickly configure a SEO keyword optimized wordpress site with a default theme for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!  We also offer custom wordpress themes, plugins and hands on configuration to tweak the site into your dream.  The big advantage of wordpress is:  Once your site is setup and configured it is EASY for you to update and edit your content.
  • Data Backup – At your data is most important to us.  We have automatic backup set ever day so that your data is backed up, safe and secure.  In the case of any catastrophic data failure we can quickly get your site back up and running again.